PR: It’s a love thing!

As brands now endeavor to become lovemarks (Kevin Roberts,2014), Public Relations does its share by ensuring that individuals, products and companies maintain strong emotional connections with their target stakeholders, with the intent of making these stakeholders understand, appreciate, and trust them.

All the communication and relationship-building initiatives that form part of any PR campaign are intended to ultimately make stakeholders love the brand.

Regardless of the communication channels being used – whether the traditional tri-media or the more contemporary social networking platforms – public relations has remained to embark on strategies that involve : creating good impression, courting stakeholder loyalty, and engaging the target public to experience the brand.

Now more than ever, we believe that when PR appropriately hook the stakeholders’ emotions and intellect through authentic and compelling story-telling, we win them over. When we provide images that produce empathy, understanding, inspiration, and shared values, we win them over. When we reach them through channels that they frequently use and where they play around, discuss, converse, we win them over.

When brands do all of these, more than respect, they earn love. And when audiences, stakeholders, and consumers love our brands, we produce shareable PR results that contribute to the achievement of business goals.

In this year’s PR Congress, we will present and discuss how public relations professionals have further enhanced their roles in the age of Selfies – how the practice of PR is becoming a “love thing”.




Keynote Address : Public Relations – It’s a Love thing!

PR does more than just reinforce the messages of other communication tools that help transform brands into lovemarks. PR makes the brand story even more compelling through proof points provided by influencers whose experiences validate and reinforce the promise and essence of the brand. In the digital age, this story-telling has become more challenging as stakeholders now are more empowered to decide what to hear and who to listen to.

Speaker: CEO from global PR agency who can situate the role of PR in integrated campaigns that have helped strengthen the equity of a corporate brand. Or the CEO of that corporate brand himself.


Session 1

Courting customer/stakeholder loyalty in the age of selfies

How do you make your target of tech-savvy stakeholders take notice of your brand and be moved to share your brand story to their circle of friends, colleagues, familes? This session will expound on the way the Millennials think, feel and behave in relation to the various brands they patronize and fiercely defend.


Session 2

Getting ‘em at ‘Hello!’

PR professionals who are able to share compelling real stories about their brands and companies reign supreme in the era where audiences can easily flip channels, switch brands and change tastes. This session is about the effective use of third-party influencers whose sharing of their authentic life experiences lent street-level credibility to the brand story.


Session 3

Show, don’t just tell!

PR stories are made more engaging when presented through striking visuals real-life testimonies about the fulfillment of brand promise. This session will present case studies of how organizations tap the social media to create unique and entertaining experiences that resulted in massive, voluntary sharing of messages, prompting more stakeholders to love the product or service.


Session 4

Earn my trust and love.

PR professionals aspire for earned media to give more credibility to their publicity mileage. This session tackles current trends in gaining the trust and support of Media influencers whether they are from print, broadcast or online.




Session 1

From ‘Like’ to ‘Love’

CEO Speaks: how PR has made stakeholders respect, trust and love their companies even more. This session features a panel discussion between and among CEOs on the contribution of PR in the achievement of business goals, particularly customer patronage, loyalty and increased company and brand reputation.


Session 2

Loving enough to care

Stakeholders can only reciprocate the love that they experience from the brand they respect and love. This session will tackle how corporate social responsibility initiatives have evolved as a PR tool – from philanthropy to social entrepreneurship and social investment.


Session 3

When love is strong enough

All relationships are bound to deal with missteps, intended or not. Depending on how strongly rooted the relationship is, such oversight could result in breakups. This session will look at how well-loved brands have managed crisis situations and emerged from them stronger than ever.


Session 4

Who are the Filipino PR practitioners?

This session features the results of the first-ever study on the state of Public Relations practice in the Philippines