SEPTEMBER 27-28, 2013
Paradise Garden Resort & Convention Center , Boracay Island, Aklan



Beyond image building and reputation management, PR can trigger and radiate new mindsets, and set in motion a wave of action towards sustainable change.

Learn from the experiences of experts who have successfully influenced social change by living their brand values inside out.


[ Rediscover the forgotten role of Public Relations - creating meaningful brand impact in human lives ]

PR has been misunderstood and even wrongly practiced. We need to de-emphasize spin doctoring, message manipulation and image window dressing. The upbeat economic outlook is our chance to build new viability in enterprise, corporate sustainability and, ultimately, brand legacy. Businesses need to be less brand-centric and more public-focused, thus creating catalyst ripples that can grow into waves of real and positive change.


[ The top criterion for today’s brands ]

Business planning is rife with familiar obsessions: carving out market share and shelf space, brand image and equity, demand creation, compelling propositions, consumer contact points, etc. In the midst of all these, how do we work in the crucial question of forging a relationship with our publics? Does it even come to mind that a brand must deserve a place in people’s lives – beyond purchase and preference? Other than product benefit, does the brand represent substantial value? And how do we chart PR’s role in keeping and sustaining that value?

Plenary 3: THE BIG SHIFT

[ Effective story-telling using today’s innovative tools and solutions ]

PR practitioners are not mouthpieces; they are storytellers. And the stories have to be compelling to rise above the surfeit of stories being told about your company and your brands online. Learn how to develop online PR strategies in this era of social media. Engage. Engage. Engage.


[ Vox Populi, the more telling side of any PR story ]

A systematic method of reporting is essential in effective Public Relations. Businesses are abuzz about consumer feedback, content generation, stakeholder immersions, etc. Integrated communications now put a premium on enabling stakeholders to influence business strategy. It’s touted as a wonderful new system of generating market intelligence for the benefit of the brand. We pose a new question: What about using all that instead so that the brand can intelligently benefit the market?

Plenary 5: 360 DEGREES

[ Forget linear thinking ]

When you change the game, the impact is plural and multi-dimensional. It goes through all points of the compass and goes in depth, not just on the surface. Pretty much like a ripple. What is rarely noticed is that the game change must also be inward, affecting the very nature of your own business. Production and supply, consumer contact systems, brand positioning, the whole direction of enterprise, all go through fundamental re-invention to make it all sustainable.

Plenary 6: BEYOND CSR

[ A very public affair ]

Integrity is a good word for it. Saying what you mean and doing what you say. It’s about matching your message with your company’s behavior. So-called “greenwash effect” simply doesn’t wash anymore. Neither does crowing about how well one cleans up one’s own mess. It’s about responsibility to the public, involving the public and building the whole into the corporate DNA, leading to cohesive, unmistakable, sustainable identity –an identity that naturally, powerfully, personifies all communications. The discipline is to align CSR programs with communications and public affairs frameworks to add value to the business.

Be part of the 20th National PR Congress in Boracay on September 27 & 28, 2013. It will be a learning experience like no other. Early registration starts on July 1 and ends on September 15. Early registration fee is P8,000 for PRSP members and P9,000 for non-PRSP members. Regular registration fee is at P10,000.

Student fees are at P2,000* and academe fees are at P6,000**.

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